Tackling prequalification


B&ES recognises that one of the biggest business concerns for building services firms is the amount of prequalification red tape and bureaucracy they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Increasingly, contractors need to show clients and others that they have basic health and safety capabilities. Successful pre-qualification can be a very effective “licence to do business” in your industry sector.

It can provide a competitive advantage in a tough commercial environment, and help to open up new areas of opportunity. It demonstrates that you have: specific experience in the type of work that you will be contracted to do; that you have trained staff; and that you have the resources to meet the client's needs.

Full compliance with the membership requirements of B&ES gives companies a valuable shortcut to a series of prequalification schemes that help to smooth the process of appearing on tender lists.

These include Constructionline; and SSIP - and our support pages can be accessed via the menu on the left.

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