Member Benefits


CoverGuide2014.jpgB&ES member companies benefit from access to a wide range of services which are carefully tailored to their needs, and which help them to build better and more profitable businesses, click on image (left) to download latest guide. These include commercial, legal and technical advice, health and safety guidance, an employment affairs resource, promotional and parliamentary lobbying support and an infrastructure for education and training.

Legal advice

The Association’s experienced team of construction lawyers can provide expert advice on a wide range of commercial (dayworks, insurance, etc) and contractual matters from dispute resolution, adjudication, litigation and insolvency to the interpretation of contract documents. The Commercial & Legal team also provides guidance on the implications of new, revised and existing national and international legislation.

The Association’s in-house mediation service is designed to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively. Member discounts have also been negotiated with service providers covering debt recovery, business information reports and adjudication referral review.

Employment Affairs

The Association provides expert advice and guidance on a wide range of issues concerned with the engagement and management of individuals at all levels of the workforce.

Issues dealt with include wages and salaries, industrial relations, personnel management best practice and procedures, including engagement, employee discipline and redundancy and employment law, including TUPE.

Technical advice

Members of the Association have direct access to guidance on technical matters which relate specifically to building services engineering and
to the wider construction sector.

Among the subjects covered are: technical regulations; British and European standards; National Engineering Specification; energy-saving issues; quality assurance; productivity, working methods and new technology. A range of codes of practice relating to specific technical aspects are published and periodically updated.

Health & Safety

Whether you need help setting up a safety management system; preparing a health and safety policy, managing environmental issues or information on new or existing regulations, members’ can gain expert guidance on current best practice is always immediately available.

Specially constituted regional contractor safety groups meet regularly in London, Scotland, the Midlands, the North of England and the South West of England in order to facilitate networking on common issues

Support for renewables

The B&ES is taking a lead role in the development of sustainable building services engineering. Research shows that 77% of B&ES members are already involved in sustainable contracting, with many of them as project managers. The Association provides detailed guidance on all aspects of sustainability, including waste management, integrated teams, renewables, energy efficiency and water conservation.

To install renewable energy equipment of less than 45kw and for customers to received Feed-In Tariffs for small-scale electricity generation, installers must be members of ALL of the following:

A Competent Persons scheme – B&ES has its own competent persons scheme provider BESCA (see BESCA Certification in this guide).
Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) – B&ES members receive a 50% discount on membership of RECC click here for application form. RECC is currently the only operator of
 an Office of Fair Trading approved consumer code, this is a requirement of MCS and Feed-In Tariffs.

Education & Training

The Association provides members with a wide range of expert advice and guidance on matters involving recruitment, new-entrant and mid-career vocational education and employee development.

B&ES undertakes to offer services and training that meet business and workforce needs and to deliver them in the most effective manner.  It also represents members’ interests in education and training matters through trusted relationships with Government, professional and awarding bodies, sector skills councils, public and private providers and other key influencers.

The management training courses developed by the B&ES are all tailored to the requirements of building services engineering contracting, and are delivered by lecturers with an active involvement in the sector.

A key aim is to cover subjects not addressed by other organisations.  All courses are recognised by the Construction CPD Certification Scheme and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), and therefore qualify for Continuous Professional Development recognition.

Building Engineering Services Training Ltd (BEST) recruits young people into the hvacr industry, and facilitates the delivery of training and the achievement of National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/SVQs).

Operating nationally through a network of experienced training advisers, BEST aims to maximise training funding – and to optimise the return which employers receive from investment in new-entrant training.

The badge of quality

Inspection and Assessment ensures that although every contractor is different, all B&ES members can demonstrate their compliance with demanding standards in order to prove their technical competence and commercial capability before entry to membership, and every three years thereafter. This Inspection and Assessment (I&A) process is conducted by an independent third party and ensures that clients can be confident that their project will be in safe hands.   


All B&ES members qualify for TrustMark registration – at no additional cost to themselves – owing to the existence of the Association’s independent member inspection and assessment regime,and of its Double Guarantee scheme. B&ES is a scheme operator under the Government-inspired TrustMark initiative.

Tailored employee benefits

Designed specifically to meet the needs of employers in the building and engineering services sector, Welplan - a wholly-owned subsidiary of B&ES - is pleased to offer flexible, cost-effective pension and employee benefits solutions. With face-to-face guidance from experienced account managers at no additional cost, Welplan can tailor solutions to meet the needs of you and your employees. Visit the Welplan website for more information.