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Profitability through effective people management 

Increasingly in these competitive times, the most successful organisations are those that have in place a coherent and properly understood people management strategy.  This is especially true in people-intensive businesses, such as building engineering services contracting and facilities services provision.

Businesses which out-perform their competitors do so because they adopt a constructive relationship with their employees, along with a management approach which enables them not only to draw on all the skills and talents of their people, but also to develop every member of the workforce to his or her full potential.

In this context, orderly employment relations, and fairness and consistency in the treatment of individual employees are key to a successful and efficiently run operation.  Indeed, the Association’s own membership requirements emphasise the need for employers to ensure equality of opportunity and workforce diversity, and to have in place properly expressed terms and conditions of employment.

However, a recurring problem for all organisations is that the whole business of employing people is beset with legal pitfalls that can trap the unwary.  These are never more apparent than when employers have to take difficult actions in managing their people, in order to protect the commercial interests of their firm.

For these reasons, much of the information presented in this part of the website and the associated B&ES publication Guide to Employment are intended to provide employers with valuable insight into the body of employment law which effectively determines the requirements of any company’s people management systems and procedures.  Much of the advice on the website and in the Guide is of a practical, how-to-do-it nature, which will be of considerable assistance when developing, fine-tuning and implementing employers’ people management strategies to maximum effect. 

Equally, much of the information here is presented in the form of standards:

  • nationally negotiated terms and conditions of employment and hourly pay rates for building engineering services craftsmen engaged on mechanical services work on construction sites; 
  • objectively benchmarked salaries for supervisors, designers, contracts managers and other project delivery staff; 
  • model procedures and policies – including standard contracts of employment for Apprentices; 
  • ways and means of identifying, demonstrating and securing the skills and competence of those employed in the industry; and 
  • ways of securing quality, competence, value for money and compliance with legal requirements and industry standards when using agency personnel. 


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The B&ES Guide to Employment contains further advice and guidance on a range people management aspects of running a business.

Only Association members can download chapters of the B&ES Guide to Employment.  You will need your membership number to do so.  From the contents page of each chapter you will be able to go to the particular part of the chapter dealing with your enquiry.  Cross references within the chapter, e-mail and website addresses are all hot-linked, and model documents can be downloaded in Word format

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